shutterstock_158330783Anyone who is faced with the challenge of moving will likely ponder whether hiring a moving service is prudent. For some individuals, the thought of transporting everything to their new digs with their vehicle or a rental truck is a nightmare. For others, a DIY (do it yourself) move represents a fun project. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a moving service.

Pros of Hiring a Moving Service

If you dread the idea of carrying all of your heavy items out to your car or rental truck, lean on a moving service to do the job. Let’s face it: picking up dressers, couches, tables and other bulky items requires significant strength and energy. Carrying them all the way from your living space to your vehicle and then transporting them to your new digs can prove to be awfully strenuous.

If you put a high premium on your free time, hiring a moving service is a solid decision. Moving all of your items out of your home and into your new living space might take all day or several days. Alternatively, a moving service will be able to get the job done in a couple of hours.

One of the best reasons to hire a moving service is their professionalism. These guys perform moves for a living. They know exactly how to wrap up your valuables to keep them intact during the move. They also know how to properly pack the truck in a manner that speeds up the moving process. The bottom line is that allying with a moving service will make your move that much more efficient.

The vast majority of moving services take out insurance for basic protection. If your possessions are damaged while in transit, this insurance policy will kick in to provide you with their replacement value. You won’t have such a protection with a DIY style move.

Cons of Hiring a Moving Service

The primary reason why people opt to perform a DIY move is the cost associated with a professional moving service. Sure, you might be able to get a discounted rate by packing up your items ahead of time yet you will still likely have to shell out a couple hundred dollars for the assistance of a moving service.

If you are a control freak, hiring a moving service might cause some serious stress. Leaning on moving professionals to perform the move on your behalf requires a considerable amount of trust. Those who can’t bear the idea of a moving service handing their prized possessions should opt for the DIY route.

Though moving companies are typically insured, this insurance only covers your items’ replacement value. The sentimental value of your items will be jeopardized when you place your trust in a moving service to transport them to your new home. If you are adamant that some of your possessions can’t be replaced by money, move them on your own or with the help of your trusted friends/family.