Movers work under a lot of pressure and carry a lot of responsibility. Few in the service industry work harder than professional movers who handle all the heavy lifting and more. Professional movers work at a fast pace, maintain a schedule, and ensure that no damage occurs to your home or possessions, including the safe delivery of precious family heirlooms and fragile items.

Tipping Etiquette

While there are no set guidelines when it comes to tipping there are a few factors to consider when determining the amount. Many people like to calculate tip amounts as a portion of the total bill, typically from 5 to 20%. This method may not be the best way to determine the gratuity for your movers, as higher priced jobs reflect the distance of the move as well as the physical labor. Clients also tip their movers with a flat amount which varies with both customers and jobs.

Complexity of Move

Each move is different, with some more complex and challenging than others. Movers may transfer items short distances through wide doors on one job and carry bulky item past a turn in the staircase or up several flights of stairs at the next. If you choose to tip your movers,  consider the complexity of the move as well as the quality of work performed.

Clients decide whether to tip individual movers or the group. Customers typically tip around 10% on easier jobs, and as much as 25% or more on demanding or challenging projects. Individual tips usually start at 5% and go up. Tipping each mover a flat amount of $20 or $30 is also common, with tricky moves or exceptional work often rewarded with higher amounts.

Alternatives to Cash

Acknowledgment and appreciation of your mover’s hard work can be expressed in non-monetary ways as well. Most people realize how physically taxing moving can be, and that’s one of the reasons they hire professionals. It is strenuous work that can be complicated by bulky items, tight spaces, and unpredictable events such as weather.

Even on the most beautiful days moving is hard work. Staying hydrated is critical when performing any strenuous physical activity and hot days can make it worse. A cold bottle of water or other refreshing beverage is a great way to show appreciation for the effort involved.

Likewise, on a bitterly cold day, a cup of coffee or hot cocoa can give a nice energy boost. Many times movers work for long periods without a lunch break or any break at all. A drink, a snack, or a hot pizza are all excellent ways to tip your movers.

When it comes to tipping movers, there are no hard and fast rules for the amount or way to show appreciation. The professionals at Connecticut’s Finest Movers provide the same excellent service for each of their clients whether they tip or not. Tipping should always be at the discretion of the customer. If you choose to tip, be comfortable with the amount, whether cash, lunch, or both, and base it on your overall satisfaction.