Pros and Cons of Hiring a Moving Service

When it comes time to pack up and move to a new home, you have a big decision to make. Should you handle the packing and moving yourself, or should you hire a moving service? While hiring movers is a great choice for most people, it is not necessarily the best choice for all. […]

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The Benefits of Choosing Local Movers

One of the most arduous things any of us ever have to do is move. Moving means packing up all of your things, cleaning your home more than you ever usually do, and then going to a new location to begin the task of cleaning this space and learning to live in this new […]

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How To Childproof Your Move

Moving itself can be a harrowing experience, especially when there are children involved. Accidents are prone to happen with boxes and moving parts. Keeping children safe during a move is a necessity. Prioritize a successful move with creating a safe environment by following these tips below to childproof your move.

Items of Mass Destruction

Often when […]

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How To Dispose of Hazardous Materials When Moving

Ideally,when you move everything you own would be neatly packed in boxes, transported and unpacked for you. While this happens with the majority of personal items, there are lists of items considered hazardous that cannot be packed or moved. Hazardous items include unsuspecting items such as aerosol cans, paint thinner, hair spray, batteries and […]

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How To Adjust To Relocation

You acquired the new job, you signed on the new home and your moving van is scheduled. Despite having major aspects of a move planned, there still remains trepidation at the thought of transplanting. A new city, new home and new routine requires transition. Whether that transition is difficult or not is based on […]

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Safety Tips When Moving

The last thing you want, or need, is an injury while moving. Hoisting bulky boxes and moving unyielding objects isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered. In the rush to pack and move on a deadline, many people fail to consider the health risks associated with a move. Take proper precautions with the tips below […]

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Common Hidden Moving Fees

You’ve packed the house, mapped the driving route to the new place and color coordinated your boxes. The preparation is smooth as butter, until the moving company shows up and refuses to work until you pay an arbitrary fee exceeding the amount of Costa Rica’s gross national product. This may seem like a nightmare, […]

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How To Pack A Moving Truck in 4 Steps

Packing a moving truck can feel like playing a life-size game of Tetris. The goal is simple: fill the truck with boxes. Yet, the application can be complicated and tiring. With a few simple tricks, packing a truck can become an efficient task, securing your belongings while reducing fatigue and loading time. To begin, […]

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Simple Steps To Declutter Your Home For a Move

Planning a move soon?  Need to simplify your life before doing so?  Lighten the load of moving by getting rid of extra, unnecessary possessions.  Developing an organized system in the decluttering process will turn a time consuming chore into a simple task.  Find out below how you can systematically declutter your home the easy […]

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Options For Transporting Your Car During A Move

If you are planning a cross-country move with multiple vehicles, you are probably trying to figure out what to do with them.  Wrestling through the idea of selling or shipping your vehicle can lead to sleepless nights.  However, knowing your options can lead to solutions you didn’t know were available.  We weigh pros and […]

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