Local Moving Labor – Loading/Unloading Your Truck

Hiring Moving Labor: A Smart Solution

Would you like to save money moving to your new residence, but the thought of doing the move yourself gives you a backache? There’s a solution: hiring local moving labor from Connecticut’s Finest Movers.

Let us load or unload your rental moving truck uhual, budget, peneske, moving van, moving P.O.D, storage unit, Upack trailers, ABF trucks, old dominion trucks or cubes, from your house, apt, or condo. You will be happy you did! When you provide your own truck we save you money and sweat from doing the move yourself.

When you rent your own truck the customer is responsible for having an adequate amount of pro moving blankets, straps, ropes, and appliance dollies,  we have a two hour minimum with this service. Rates are labor by the hour for Connecticut movers including a one time travel fee (wear and tear on vehicle & gas) (Doesn’t include time to and from load to unload destination). Labor moves in Connecticut only. No refunds for unused time. Although we are professional movers and we will secure the load to the best of our ability along with the supplies you provide we are not responsible for transit of your load since we don’t have your items from start to finish.

Connecticut’s Finest Movers: Using our moving labor service with your own vehicle

Our fleet of moving vans is one of the best on New England roads—but sometimes our customers need our moving ability with a vehicle they’ve owned or rented themselves. We’re very happy to accommodate.

The moving teams at Connecticut’s Finest Movers help you pack up your belongings and move them to a new location, using the truck or van of your choice. We take care of the heavy lifting and moving, you do the directing and driving, without having to worry about the added expense of a moving van.


How Does It Work?

You line up a moving truck. When your belongings are packed and ready to go, our team shows up to load the truck. We can also unload at the destination. When you provide the truck and driver, and let Connecticut’s Finest Movers provide the muscle, you save both money and sweat. We perform these labor moves within Connecticut only.


Who’s a Good Candidate for Moving Labor Service?

This is a great option for people who are able to do their own packing, but who may not have the strength or the moving help to load the truck. It’s understandable; moving furniture and household belongings is hard work, and not everyone can do it. Moving to a new location is stressful enough without injuring yourself or accidentally damaging a valuable possession. It’s often the more wise choice to hire a moving service.


Benefits of hiring a moving labor service

Using your own vehicle with a for-hire moving service has several advantages over other arrangements:

  • Good for tighter budgets. Hiring local moving labor means you don’t have to shell out cash for an added vehicle. You also avoid having to pay a security deposit, cleaning charges, and fuel fees.
  • Total control over packing and moving. Local movers work on your schedule—they come when you call and leave when they’re done. You also manage how and when your items get packed, as well as who does the packing.
  • More efficient. Professional movers are experienced in getting moves completed as timely as possible. They move every day so you, your relatives and friends don’t have to.
  • More secure. With complete watch over your belongings, you can keep track of where the more valuable or irreplaceable articles and items are. Professional movers also work with safety and awareness, so your items aren’t at risk for damage or loss.


What Can I Do to Prepare for My Move?

In a successful move, planning is everything. Keep these steps in mind:

  • Eliminate anything that shouldn’t be moved. Clean house and downsize. Sell, donate, recycle or dispose of unnecessary items, especially heavy and bulky ones. It doesn’t make sense to hire a moving service to handle things you no longer need.
  • Acquire boxes, moving blankets and packing materials. Don’t forget hand trucks and appliance dollies for the big stuff, and straps or ropes to secure the load. Important: We are professionals, and we’ll secure the load as best we can with the supplies you provide. However, we cannot be responsible for the security of the load during transit, because it won’t be under our control.
  • Organize your belongings. Pack your items and keep boxes sorted by category. Clearly label the boxes according to the room/floor they’ll go to at the destination.
  • Pack valuable and fragile items with care. Use plenty of packing material and label the boxes “fragile.” Not sure how something should be packed? Consult our team with any questions! We want to help make your move safe and trouble free.


What does it cost?

We charge a flat rate per hour for our two- or three-man teams, with a two-hour minimum plus a one-time fee for travel to your departure point (doesn’t include time to and from load point to the unload destination). There are no refunds for unused time.


The most seasoned moving labor service in Milford

The professionals at Connecticut’s Finest Movers are experts in moves of all sizes using vehicles of all types. Our movers help you at all stages of your move, helping you load and unload your entire house into the truck of your choice.

Our employees’ moving help goes beyond lifting and moving. With their depth of experience, they can offer practical advice on how to pack your moving truck to optimize space and save time. You’ll notice the professional difference with Connecticut’s Finest Movers right away.


What you can expect in moving with Connecticut’s Finest Movers

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You (or your designated driver) drive the truck over to your new location, followed by our team. They’ll unload items into your new place and put wherever you want them.

Using your own moving vehicle—whether it’s a truck or van, owned or rented—makes you responsible for blankets, dollies, straps, ropes, and other standard moving tools or devices. Our labor teams charge by the hour with a two-hour minimum.

When you need to hire movers in Milford to work with your moving truck, Connecticut’s Finest Movers are your first and best choice. Contact us to plan your relocation.

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