If you want to move without pain and stress, you need to have a checklist. This will make it easy for you to figure out each step of the way. You will also spend less time than if you tried to keep everything in your head.

On the other hand, without a solid checklist, you’ll struggle to get anything done. You’ll stress yourself out trying to figure out your next step. Worse still, you may find yourself going through hell on your moving day!

A checklist is simply a list of things you need to do. As you go through the points below, make sure to give yourself enough time. You don’t want to leave things to the last minute. It’s best to start with the process at least two months before the moving date. Here is a list of things you need to do.

  • Get a binder to track what you do. Use it to keep your receipts. All the paperwork and lists should go into the binder as well.
  • Decide what you are keeping and what you are getting rid of. Then, think of what packing materials you’ll need. Finally, start considering what kind of insurance you must have.
  • Order your packing supplies. You’ll need labels, markers, bubble wrap, tape, etc. Don’t forget to get boxes of various sizes as well.
  • Take measurements of both your new home and your current place. You’ll need those to ensure you can move large pieces of furniture.
  • Once you have a clear idea of what you are taking with you, begin packing. First, pack things that you use the least frequently. Make sure you label all the boxes. Ideally, your labels should show which room the box will go to in your new home.
  • Your valuables should be packed separately. Get a safe box to keep things like jewelry. The safe box should be transported personally by you.
  • Change your address at the local post office. All you need to do is fill a change-of-address form. Remember to ask a neighbor to look out got mail for a couple of weeks after you’ve moved.
  • A couple of weeks before moving, confirm all your arrangements. Call up your moving company. Ensure they have all the directions, arrival times, etc.
  • Pack your suitcases about a week before you move. Put in clothes and other items you’ll need right after you’ve moved into your new home.
  • Defrost your freezer. Clean it up. It should be empty the day before you move.
  • The day before the move, confirm details with your moving company again. This may seem unnecessary but, you’ll be surprised how often things get misunderstood.
  • Make sure you have enough cash to cover the move. Have some refreshments for the moving company staff. And, remember to tip!
  • When the moving truck arrives, confirm that it has the USDOT number you were given. Once your things are in the truck, get a copy of your signed inventory list. DO this before the movers leave your premises.
  • Most importantly, enjoy the move!

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