So you’ve just moved into your new space with the help of Connecticut’s Finest Movers and the curbside appeal leaves something to be desired. That’s okay, with just some simple basic landscaping you can completely change the feel of your new house.


Many times when a house is for sale the previous inhabitants may have let things go for too long and the property is overcrowded with old growth, dead shrubs or weeds. By using a simple pair of hedge trimmers or a hand saw you can trim back overgrowth that will allow more sunlight into those front windows you love. By pulling out weeds from any garden beds and laying down fresh mulch, you will be surprised how much this will change the overall feel of your house. It is also important to remove any old shrubs or bushes that are growing along the foundation of your home. If you have a basement this will help keep water from pooling against the foundation and your basement dry. 


Sometimes transforming your yard without breaking the bank is as simple as bringing in a new piece of patio furniture or some simple solar lights. Well placed lights throughout a garden or along pathways can completely change your home and create an inviting ambiance. Ask at your local greenhouse for plants that are perennial and can be split and planted year over year. You’ll be paying for a single plant that can easily transform into dozens over a few years. 


Much like how a pop of color can completely transform a room the same can happen with your new outdoor space. By picking up a few hanging baskets of flowers bursting with color, you can break up sections of greenery or siding along the house. With just some 2×4’s and scrap pallet boards, you can build sturdy planter boxes that can create borders along driveways, decks, and patios. There are plenty of schematics available online for planter boxes and you would be surprised how quickly they can take your new yard from boring to extraordinary. 


After the last Connecticut’s Finest Mover truck has left and you’ve spent time settling into your new home remind yourself that it is okay to take your time in renovating your outdoor space. However simple things like removing old growth, weeding, laying new mulch and adding some pops of color can completely change the curb appeal of your house without breaking the bank.