shutterstock_165131120Moving is one of the inevitable things everyone must go through at some point in their lives.  It is one of the most stressful and anxiety inducing experiences that can only be diminished with preparation. While most people know that is important to plan ahead of a move. there are a few things that can fall to the wayside. Below we have identified some frequently forgotten tips to make sure your move goes smoothly.

Tip #1 Back Up Your Data

Chances are you have important information stored on your computer and other hard drives. Back this information up. While nobody wants to think about it, a dropped computer or damaged hard drive may cause you to lose all information stored on the device. Backing it up on the cloud and other storage spaces can prevent extensive loss. There are several data cloud options available, many offering free storage. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and other services make it possible to backup important files for free.

Tip #2 Organize Your Cables

Organize and label your cords. If you know what all the cables are for you can probably skip on the labeling, but organize your cables based on rooms. Have your living room cables in one container, your office cables in another. This makes sifting through the box of wires easier. Use Masking tape, create a tag and write the info on the tape.

Tip #3  Pack up your DVD/CD Collection separately

Having a large media collection requires a considerable amount of space while moving. A DVD rack may easily take up several boxes. For big movie and music fans, the amount of boxes filled may become excessive, especially for a moving truck tight on space. To cut out all of these boxes, opt for a binder sleeve and slip the discs in here. It saves space both inside the moving truck and the new home.

Tip #4 Label the Boxes

The last thing you want is to have a bunch of boxes and not know what is inside. You can color code the boxes with stickers, so you know what room each goes to along with what’s inside. This helps when moving into the new home. With an easy to read coding system, instantly knowing where a box goes makes it easier to unload a truck.

Tip # 5 Mix Heavy and Light

Have you ever tried to pick up a box of solid books? It’s extremely heavy. Instead, go half box/half clothes. Lightens the load while keeping the same number of boxes.

Tip #6 Pack these last

Have a box full of essentials you’ll need when you first arrive at your new home. This way you won’t need to go digging for the items later. Along with this, pack the tool kit last so you have access to it first thing.  Access to tools for assembling furniture becomes easier when the tool box is readily available. Cleaning supplies should also be packed last. Whether moving into a new home or apartment, performing a light cleaning ensures it is up to your standards before you start putting stuff away. Easy access ensures you won’t need to go out and purchase cleaning supplies.

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