shutterstock_158330768One of the most arduous things any of us ever have to do is move. Moving means packing up all of your things, cleaning your home more than you ever usually do, and then going to a new location to begin the task of cleaning this space and learning to live in this new place. There is a great deal of benefit for those who are moving to choose local movers as opposed to bigger corporate entities or DIY.

Familiarity: Maybe the best reason to go with a local name for movers is because of their familiarity with the local area. Local movers know where you can park and how long you can idle. They are in touch with the syncopated rhythms of the local market and that is something, especially if you are coming in from out of town, that you can’t have a full appreciation for.

Rates: Local movers are going to give you a better rate than most of the bigger corporate entities. “Better” applies not just to the amount that you are going to pay; the “better” comes in with how you are treated and the level of care they are going to take with your things. This is your whole life! In boxes! You should hope that the movers you go with are ones who will treat your life with the respect and care that it deserves!

Add-Ons: Yes you may get a better rate on paper with one of the bigger chains; the problem with that is that they nickel and dime their customers for everything! So if you are buying boxes and tape and packing materials from your corporate movers; you are going to pay. The chances are that this is all going to show up in an itemized statement from the movers as an added on surcharge. If you are going with local movers there is the flat rate and then any add-ons are generally just an afterthought. You don’t need to be worried about getting ripped off from a local mover, if there is any kind of an up-charge then it is very likely for something that cost them as well!

Aftercare: Then there is the matter of aftercare. If you are dealing with a bigger corporate entity and something goes wrong with your move, there is an 800 number for that. You have to go to their claims department and do the whole song and dance; it’s enough to make you say ‘forget it!’ If you go with a local name though you can bet that you will get the very best aftercare. Local movers go that extra mile because they want to earn your business again, they want to earn your praise for others moving to the area. Local movers don’t forget that it’s their customers, it’s you, who keeps them in business!