One in every five American families moves into a new house every year. This is why moving is an organizational challenge for anyone. Here are some of the tested tips that can make the process of house movement smooth and organized.


Create a List


It is essential to write everything down when moving to a new house. There are lots of benefits from using a list when moving to a new location. Before packing up things in a box, it is important to have a simple record keeping system.


Have Sufficient Supplies


From boxes to packing padding, it is advisable to have plenty of supplies on hand when moving to a new house. We have all experience that dreaded moment when you have been carefully packing box after box, and then you run out in the middle of it all. It is far better to have too many boxes, than not enough. By having plenty of boxes, tape and padding you can avoid over packing boxes. Therefore, avoiding packing the boxes too heavy, and risk breakage.


Use Wardrobe Boxes


One of the best ways of packing things when moving to a new house is to have dedicated boxes for wardrobe. Most moving companies recommend using this kind of method to avoid the items, especially clothes, from being damaged or crumpled while traveling.


Use Color Coding System


A good solution of unpacking boxes smoothly and easily is to use a color-coding system. Applying colored sticker to each and every box can do this. Using a particular color for each room of the house makes the process of moving and unpacking items to a new house a lot easier and smooth.


Pack Ahead


When it comes to saving time, it is best to pack things ahead of time. Since most movers charge by the hour, having everything packed and ready to move will save you time and money. It is recommended to start by packing items that you do not need access to on a daily basis, and work from there. This may include items like seasonal clothes, books, knick-knacks, etc.


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