Planning to move to a new apartment? Well then, it’s time to take out those packing boxes and tape rolls because you’re going to have to tackle the monumental task of packing.

Most people find packing a challenge. To help you navigate these dangerous waters, we’ve made a list of tips that you can to use to make packing and moving hassle-free and easy.

6 things you absolutely need to do when shifting homes

Having trouble planning your move? Worry not. Our experts at Connecticut’s Finest Movers recommend you follow these steps to steer clear of any packing problems. We’re sure you’ll find our tips helpful.

So let’s get started.

Prepare a checklist

Moving entails a million things and you may leave certain tasks unfinished if you don’t remember them. The best way to not forget crucial things is to make a list of ‘Things to Do’ before getting started.

We also recommend that you create three separate subheads -‘Pack’, ‘Donate’ and ‘Trash’- for packing. This will help save you time making the last minute decision of the things you need to take and those you need to discard.

Get a head start with the packing

It’s always best to start packing early in the morning, as that’ll give you the time you need for second checks and once-overs. You’ll also have a buffer space to take a breather if you feel a little frazzled by the stress.

Get your supplies in place

From scissors to bubble wrap and box cutters to markers, you’ll need plenty of supplies to get you through the packing day. We suggest that you get your supplies and stationery in place a day in advance. This will ensure that you don’t waste precious time scouring your home in search of things.

Be systematic in your approach

Packing the entire house at a stretch can be extremely overwhelming and may lead to your forgetting important tasks or items.

What you should do is pack room-by-room. Start with the bigger areas like the living and dining rooms and then make your way to the bedrooms and kitchen and finally the bathrooms. Being systematic with your packing will reduce the burden by half.

Make good use of duffle bags, trash bags, hangers, and recyclable moving bins

If as you pack you realize how little storage space you have for your belongings, we advise you not to worry. Space can be made if you just know what to do.

Use your duffle bags to store smaller items like cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, combs, and books. Trash bags are perfect for towels, blankets, and foldable clothes. If you have a large trunk, we recommend you store clothes with the hangers-on. Hang multiple pieces of clothing on a single hanger and that’ll save you lots of space. We recommend you also hire a recyclable moving bin to transport your belongings quickly and safely.

Enlist the help of specialists

Packing can be highly stressful and tiring. Sometimes, you may need to move cross-country, adding new challenges to the mix. At these times, we recommend you seek assistance from industry experts.

At Connecticut’s Finest Movers, our team of packers and movers can help you transport your belongings safely to the destination. Contact us for more information.