Moving is exciting, but whether it is a short move across town or a long distance move to a new state, the moving process can be overwhelming.  But Connecticut’s Finest Movers is here to make that move as smooth as possible with these six lifehacks.

LifeHack # 1: Start Early & Get Organized

People often underestimate the time required to pack an entire household. Moving involves an overwhelming number of important decisions to make and difficult moving tasks to complete so leave plenty of extra time and start early. Begin with non0essential rooms such as the garage, basement, and attic so that the last couple of weeks you can concentrate on the main living areas.

Separate treasured and indispensable items from less essential items and eliminate as much as possible. Things that you don’t use or can do without can be donated to charity, given to friends, discarded, or sold at a garage or yard sale. This step will eliminate moving a lot of unnecessary items, saving time and effort.

LifeHacks #2: Arrange Utility Transfers and Change Your Address

Notify current and future utility providers of the scheduled moving date. Most utilities can arrange a service transfer more than a month in advance ensuring that services such as water and internet are on when needed. It is a good idea to schedule shut off dates for at least one day after the move and new service a day before the move to eliminate surprises.

In the weeks before your move create a “change of address log” by writing down who you receive mail from each day. This will ensure that you don’t miss any essential contacts, and you can break the list up, contacting a few each day rather than being faced with a full day of making calls. Filing a change of address form with the U.S. Postal Service a couple of weeks before the move will give you extra time, and ensure that if you miss someone, you still receive their mail.

Lifehacks #3: Pre-Packing Needs

Having the items on hand that are necessary to pack everything will help make packing go smoothly. To get started you will need small, medium, and large boxes, markers to label them, packing tape, a small utility knife and newspaper to wrap breakables. Finding professional cleaners based on their expertise could be the right thing to do. Save money by asking the manager of a local grocery store for empty boxes rather than purchasing new ones and instead of bubble wrap use newspaper, towels and sheets to protect fragile items.

LifeHacks #4: Open First Boxes

Create an “open first” box for specific rooms, and mark them with bright markers or stickers so that items needed immediately are packed together and quickly found. Make a box with essentials for the kitchen and bathroom as well as one with basic tools such as a hammer, flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers, pliers, and a tape measure.

LifeHacks #5: Clearly Label Every Box

As you pack clearly label them by room with bright, bold makers or stickers. That way, you’ll know which box belongs in what room before you open them. As an assortment of brightly colored labels will enable you to color code each room., and the movers will be able to determine which box goes where easily.

LifeHacks#6: The Day Before

The day before moving make sure everyone’s cell phone is charged fully, so it’s easy to stay in contact. Have everyone pack a suitcase to take with you so that you have the essentials like eyeglasses, a change of clothes, something to read, and the kids favorite toy. Take out the garbage, so the moving company doesn’t bring it to your new ho,e and get plenty of rest.

Moving can be a stressful experience. The move is made easier with a reliable, experienced and professional moving and shipping company. Connecticut’s Finest Movers prides themselves on their ability to exceed expectations by paying attention to the details and understanding your specific needs. No matter where or what you’re moving, storing, packing or shipping. Connecticut’s Finest Movers has the experience and knowledge required to make your move stress-free and easy.