Leaving your old home can be a matter of both sadness and happiness. You may be sad because you lived in it for so many years, and you may be happy because you are moving into a new one for a new beginning. But you should know that moving your house isn’t always an easy task. You may have already found a new house and negotiated the deal, but the process doesn’t end here.

Purging your home and belongings before the moving day is something most people forget. It’s actually important to purge your home so that your long-distance move becomes simpler. If you wish to get some guidance on your pre-move purge, read on:

Start with the easy things

If you are intimidated by the number of items you need to purge, perhaps you should start with the easy ones. Go to the room that’s not used much, and start gathering items there. Clean out clothes, trinkets, toys and other lesser-used items and clear out space. Starting with the easy items will speed up the purging process and help you save time.

Clear your closet

Perhaps one of the messiest parts of the house is your closet. Clothes, accessories and so many items seem to just pile up in there over the years. You can start segregating the clothes you wear and the ones you wish to donate. Passe shirts and tops, worn-out jeans and other unused fashion accessories can be donated to charitable organizations who help the poor.

Move to your electronics and appliances

Then comes your electronics such as television, computer, refrigerator, air conditioner or any other household appliance. While purging these items, you should be careful about handling them on your own because these items are prone to damage. You can choose to sell off old, outmoded appliances and electronics so that you can buy new ones for your new house.

Sell off  unused furniture and household items

Worn-out furniture, broken kitchen items, and other knick-knacks consume space unnecessarily. It’s actually a good idea to get rid of them before moving into your new house. You can sell these items for a depreciated price and get some good money for the move. It’s a good way to downsize your house and create space for new items in your new home.

Go to your pantry

The pantry should actually be the last area you should purge because it has your snacks and food items for the night before the move. Your pantry may be full of unopened snack packets, chocolates, biscuits and other food items. You can either choose to have them on your way or give them away to your friends or neighbors. But make sure you leave nothing in the kitchen or pantry cabinets before leaving.

The above tips will help you make a smooth move from your old house to your new house. You can also choose a professional moving company who would take care of different aspects- from packing your house to moving items- without burning a hole in your pocket. This is certainly going the make the process easier, convenient and time-saving for you.

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