market-photo_default-movers-directoryWhen you are preparing for a move, you might not know the best ways to set yourself and your family up for an easy moving experience. For example, if you have never moved before, you might find yourself in a tricky situation. What if you unknowingly end up hiring a moving company that does not take your needs seriously? What if you end up packing your things inefficiently or poorly, leaving you with damaged possessions or excess money spent on moving when doing so was unnecessary?   Which is why proper packing is the key to moving success.  Here are some tips for packing your possessions that will help you achieve the simplest move possible.

  1. Never pack boxes of breakable items too heavily: It can be tempting to try to fit as much stuff as possible into each box you pack, but this trap often leads to damaged goods instead of more efficient packing. For example, if you pack a box of china so that it is filled to the brim with breakable pieces, you are likely to drop this item at some point in your moving process. This simply will not do, and taking this risk seriously can prevent you from over packing and therefore breaking your most breakable possessions.
  2. Always use specialty boxes: If you have wardrobe specific boxes available to you, pack your clothes in these boxes. If you have dish boxes available, pack your dishes in these boxes. It is critical to pack in item-specific boxes when you can because these boxes are designed to protect your possessions in a way that other non-specific boxes just cannot.
  3. Use the proper sized boxes: Packing things in boxes that are too small or too large will result in damage to your possessions because items will move around too much or become so dense that damage is inevitable. These are real issues to bear in mind, and being thoughtful about packing your possessions up will make the biggest difference when you finally begin to unpack.
  4. Hire a moving company that has Liability Coverage: This may seem like an unnecessary step, but if you are hiring a moving company, you want to know that no matter what items are getting moved, they will be well protected from outside damage. This is perhaps the best thing that you can do to protect yourself against damages, especially if you are not going to pack and move your items yourself.