Moving, it is one of life’s most mundane and anxiety-inducing activities that pretty much everyone will go through at some point. For many people, the most difficult aspect of moving is making the decision to either hire professionals or to go it alone.  Each method comes with its own list of pros and cons.

MIY- Moving Yourself

Save Money

The biggest appeal to moving yourself is the savings you will absorb, as you will not be paying out of pocket for laborers. It is true that it is cheaper to pack and move yourself, rather than hiring movers to do it all for you.   

Complete Control

When you pack yourself you have complete control over how your belongings are stored. This is particularly important if you have a large collection of fragile, unique collectible, art or electronics.  

Pack At Your Leisure

If you pack on your own you can start packing whenever you have a spare moment instead of packing everything and moving the same day. Which is super exhausting.

Leaving It To The Professionals


Professional movers are experienced, knowledgeable packers that bring a high degree of security and trustworthiness to each job they take on.  Whether you need to move a large piece of furniture or a bunch of boxes of books, professional movers have the know-how to move a variety of items with ease.

Supplies Galore!

When you hire professional movers they will bring all the supplies you will need with them. Which means you do not have to waste time and money going back to the store over and over again. Phew!

You Do Not Have To Do The Heavy Lifting

By hiring professional movers to do all the heavy lifting, you do not have to worry about injuring yourself or a loved one moving something ridiculously large. Using movers means you can leave the job to the pros.

As long as they fit into your budget, professional packers help you keep your belongings safe and allow you to spend more time coordinating the move instead of getting caught up in a single, although important, task.

Moving can be incredibly stressful and is a big deal no matter how far you are going. Let the experts at Connecticut’s Finest Movers make your move easy as pie.