Hire Movers With A Truck

When we come with our trucks we come with reliable clean trucks & we always come with all the straps,  heavy duty Moving Blankets and dollies to keep your furniture safe and secure in transit.  We pride ourselves on having top notch equipment to perform our moving jobs because in the moving business there are right tools for certain jobs and it can make all the difference in keeping your valuables safe and secure.  when we move within CT we offer hourly rates & we have a 4 hour minimum with or trucks unless its select items or a specialty item such as pianos, safes or appliances.  When we travel out of state we will give you a flat rate based price based on multiple variables of your individual move.  All out of state moves have a Deposit of $499 and the balance is due the day of the move once items are loaded onto the truck.  When doing out of state moves we need a detailed inventory list emailed to us or done through an in home estimate.  Call for pricing on full services Moves & to check our availability.  Always keep in mind the beginning and end of the months as well as Fridays through Mondays book the quickest so keep that in mind always try to book early when planning your move.

Your Move is Our Move

You might assume that all moves are essentially the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  At Connecticut’s Finest Movers, we understand that your needs are unique, which is why our moving services are tailored to your specific circumstances and expectations.


We handle all kinds of moves, whether you’re taking items to a storage facility, you’re moving to a new neighborhood, or you’re going much farther.  Perhaps you need items from two households consolidated into one new home or vice versa.  Maybe you have delicate or antique items or heavy furniture.


We’ll work with you to accommodate your unique circumstances so you always enjoy the positive outcomes you deserve.  Your move is our move, whether it’s standard fare or you have unusual requests.


Residential and Commercial Moving Services

Connecticut’s Finest Movers proudly offers moving services for both residential and commercial customers.  Whether you’re a new homeowner moving into your first family home or you’re a business owner upgrading to a larger office space, we’ll help you to get everything from point A to point B, or even to multiple points, if that’s what you need.


Moving services for private and commercial interests are similar in nature, but not the same.  The good news is, we can handle any scope and scale. Whether your move is large or small, visit https://miraclemovers.com/, we’re ready to meet your needs throughout Canada, with efficient professionals and a fleet of moving trucks to transport the contents of a small household or a major corporate office space.


When you need the peace of mind that comes with experienced and conscientious movers caring for your items just as you would, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the reliable residential and commercial moving services offered by Connecticut’s Finest Movers.


Distance is No Obstacle

At Connecticut’s Finest Movers, it doesn’t matter if you’re moving to the house next door or from one coast to the other.  We have the resources and personnel to make sure your items get there on time and in good condition.


Our accommodating moving services include covering distances large and small, with hourly rates when you move within the state of Connecticut and flat rates for out-of-state moves, based on the specifics of your move.  You’ll surely appreciate our competitive rates, as well as our efforts to accommodate your requests and keep your precious items safe during the move, whether it takes two minutes or two days to reach your destination.


Keep it Simple with Connecticut’s Finest Movers

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about untrusted moving services that could leave your items broken or missing.  Connecticut’s Finest Movers eliminates your worries in every possible way, with a team of trained and experienced movers ready to deliver the friendly and accommodating service you expect, as well as a fleet of reliable vehicles and all the tools and resources needed to keep your valuables safe.  When you choose Connecticut’s Finest Movers, we’ll go out of our way to simplify every aspect of your moving experience so you can relax and focus on more important matters.