images-4If you are planning a cross-country move with multiple vehicles, you are probably trying to figure out what to do with them.  Wrestling through the idea of selling or shipping your vehicle can lead to sleepless nights.  However, knowing your options can lead to solutions you didn’t know were available.  We weigh pros and cons of different options so you can make an informed and educated decision for a seamless moving experience.

Shipping Vehicles Within the U.S.

Enclosed: For highly valued cars, this transport is the best option, although costly.  The vehicles are typically transported via an enclosed trailer.  The enclosed transport ensures the vehicle will not be damaged from rocks, weather, or road travel.

Open: This is the most commonly used form of transport.  The cars are loaded onto trucks, which are not enclosed, but same type of method used for delivering cars to dealerships.

Full Service: This transport option guarantees pick up and delivery dates, typically door-to-door.  The benefit of this option is receiving your vehicle in a timely manner.  If the transporter fails to meet the delivery time, a portion of fees will be rebated, or a rental car will be reimbursed for use.

Economy: This option is useful if you are not in dire need of your vehicle.  The cost is low, however, the car will be shipped on a space- available basis.  It could take up to several weeks to receive your car.

Towing Your Vehicle

Towing your vehicle behind the moving truck allows couples to ride together, or at least free one person to share responsibility of driving a second car or moving truck.  Two types of trailers are used, a tow dolly or a car carrier.  A tow dolly lifts the front wheels off the road, but is an option for front-wheel drive vehicles only.  A car carrier lifts car completely off ground so tires are on a trailer rather than the road.  You must research the type of hitch the tow vehicle has to determine what type of trailer can be used.

Professional Driving Service

If you aren’t concerned with the wear of your vehicle or extra mileage, consider hiring a driver provided by a professional service.  They come with experience, and is an excellent option for shorter distances or corporate vehicles.