Unless your mad, moving is stressful for every member of your family, including your furry little friends.

Most pets spend every day within the confines of the home waiting for you to get home from work or running errands. Because of this, your pets spend more time at home than you do, which can make the moving process that much more impactful. Which is why it is important to remember that this move affects there lives as well.  Well, pets can often sense the looming change, and this sense is put into overdrive as your pet watches you pack, their anxiety grows.

In an effort to make the moving process smooth for your furry babies, we are going to break down a few tips to help you through this stressful live event with limited problems. In addition to the following tips, we recommend hiring a team of professional movers, like Conn. Finest Movers to ensure your move goes safely and smoothly.

How To Prepare Your Pet For The Move

To prepare your pet for the move follows these tips.

  • Maintain Your Pet’s Routine:  Whether you go for daily walks or you groom them every day, it is important to keep up your pet’s routine as best as you can. Maintaining their normal routine will help keep their stress levels low and make them feel more at ease.  
  • Ask Your Vet For Some Advice:  Your vet will know the best way to keep your pet calm, and may even suggest some sedatives for the extremely anxious pet.
  • Learn Your New Community’s  Pet Policies: Many communities or HOAs have very specific policies when it comes to what kind of pets and where they are allowed to be.  For example, many communities have pet licensing requirements, pet ordinance and leash laws.
  • Update Your Pet’s Identification Tag & Microchip: This is a vital step to take, just in case your pet gets loose during the move or in the days after as they adjust to their new home.

On The Day Of The Move

Moving day has arrived!  Here is what you need to do to make sure your pet is safe and calm.

  • Place Your Pet(s) In A Secure Location:  Moving day will be chaotic, people will be moving in and out all day. So it is vital to make sure your pet is secure in a locked room, kennel or on a leash.  
  • Be Sure To Check In On Your Pet Multiple Times:  It can be easy to become all consumed with the packing and loading of your moving truck, but be sure to take a few breaks here and there to check on your pet. They will need some extra love during this stressful process, so they know they are not being abandoned.  

When You Get To The New Home

Yay!  Your home. Now its time to get your pet settled in.

  • Introduce Them To The New Home:  Take them around the perimeter of the home and then take them inside. Let them sniff around and discover each and every little cranny.   We also recommend that set up a place for their belongings so, they have a place to get settled in right away.
  • Take Your Pet For A Walk: After you get settled take your pet on a walk and let them explore the new neighborhood. It will also help them get some of that nervous energy out.

Why Conn. Finest Movers?

Specializing in affordable and reliable residential moving services, we decades of experience. Contact us today to get your free moving estimate, and continue reading below for some pet moving tips from our staff!