Moving can be stressful for every member of a family. Although Connecticut’s Finest Movers can help you get from A to B, parents can take a few small steps to make moving with children easier. Whether you are moving across town, state, or country, these few simple tricks will help parents negotiate the complicated emotions that come from moving with children.

Packing up your current home can certainly be hectic as the deadline for move-out day approaches. No matter the age of your children, packing can be a dreaded task. For younger children, try and make packing a game with rewards. Whether it is pizza for dinner or a new movie or game, the process of packing will become far easier by incentivizing packing to your young ones. For teens or older children incentivizing might be a bit harder. This is where compromise might work better. For example, “If you pack up this room, you don’t have to pack up this room,” could work better. Parents are still getting the help they need hopefully without the attitude that tends to come with teenagers.

Another key step to moving with children is familiarization with your new space. If your new home isn’t cross state, it is important to take your kids to the new home beforehand and encourage them to be excited about the move. Having children who are excited about where their new school will be, where a great ice cream place is, or what room will be theirs will reduce the stress of parents and make life easier during the move. Instead of dread building over finding new friends or starting a new school, cultivate excitement with your kids about moving and above all, make it a fun experience.

Connecticut’s Finest Movers are here to take care of all the hard work, we provide local moving labor or complete moving services, when your family is ready to move to a new home. However, we know that the stress of a move can weigh heavy for every member of the family and taking a few small steps can make a huge difference. By incentivizing packing and unpacking, building familiarization with your new space and creating excitement behind the move can make the whole process easier. Once CFM has you all unpacked at your new home, don’t just rush into unpacking. Take some time to slowly adjust to the new home by exploring your new surroundings and helping your kids settle into their new home.