Stressful and time-consuming, moving is one of those activities that pretty much everyone dreads. From packing up each room to hiring movers, the list of responsibilities seems never-ending and it can be easy to overlook what our children might be going through.  Moving is stressful, but there are ways you can make your move less stressful for your children.

What To Do Before You Move:

Get The Kids Excited About The MoveIt is not unusual for kids to feel apprehensive and anxious about the move. So make an effort to talk up the new space and all the cool new experiences you will have as a family in the new house. Frame the move as a grand adventure for the whole family.

Ease Their Anxiety By Listening To Their Concerns- Because any change in a child’s life can induce anxiety, it is important to make sure your child’s concerns are heard.

Plan Their Room Get the kids excited about the move by allowing them to take part in the decoration of their room.

Discuss What To Expect On Moving DayTalk with the kids about what will happen on the day of the move, walk them through the day’s events, so they feel a part of the process.

What To Do During The Movie:

Introduce The Movers To The Kids-  Put your kids at ease immediately by introducing them to the movers and let the movers answer any questions the kids might have.

Give The Kids A Job To Do– Keep the kids out the fray and craziness of the move by giving them a job. It is always good idea to think about how to make your home a healthier environment. Whether it is a last-minute dusting or grabbing the movers some bottled water if the kids have something to do during the move it will keep them entertained and out of the way.

Keep Prized Possessions Close– This is especially important for young children. Young children are more prone to meltdowns and will require something comforting close by in this time of transition.  Special toys and comfort objects can be right by your child’s side and is a sure-fire way to relax them and reduce anxiety.

What To Do After The Move:

Unpack The Kids Rooms First– One of the easiest ways to put kids at ease in their new home is to set up their rooms first.

Get To Know The Neighbors– When you have kids it is important to get out and meet the neighbors is a great way for kids to make new friends.

Explore The Community– Take the time to explore the new community with the kids. Take a hike or go to the park, taking part in these family-friendly activities is a great way for parents and children to settle into their new community.

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