Moving during the holidays can make the entire family feel uprooted and even more homesick than during a move at other times of the year. Trying to balance moving requirements with still celebrating the holidays takes preparation and forethought.

Moving With Kids

Children oftentimes struggle the most with moving — they have to leave their friends and the school they’ve known for sometimes their whole life. Add into the mix the holiday season, and you have a recipe for a stressed-out child! Ease their worries by reassuring them that the holidays will still happen — pack holiday decorations and gifts at the same time as your first-night boxes. That way, they’ll be the first boxes off the moving truck. Getting decorations up first, even if it’s a stripped-down version, will go a long way for the littlest family members.

Hidden Costs

While you may reap the benefits of moving this time of year because you already have time off from work (or you’ve scheduled your start date at your new job for after the New Year), there are hidden costs you might not have considered. If you are using your own moving truck, fuel costs will likely be higher now. Your chosen moving company might charge more at this time of year or delay delivery until after the holidays. By choosing a reputable, cost-effective moving company like Connecticut’s Finest Movers, you can be assured that your hidden costs are kept to a minimum. Plus, we schedule all deliveries, taking the unknown out of your delivery date.

Benefits of Moving During the Holidays

There can be upsides to moving at this time of year. Because you’re more focused on moving households, your family can have a minimal holiday celebration, focusing instead on the meaning of the holiday and spending time together. If your children are having a hard time with the transition, remind them of the joy of changing schools mid-year — the kids will want to get to know them because of the “novelty” of being new.

While there are definitely positives and negatives to moving during the holiday season, going into it with your eyes wide open and with a good support system is key to alleviating a lot of stress. Moving not only allows you to reflect on what you have, but it gives you a chance to feel excited about the unknown future. Moving at any time of year is a stressful endeavor, but with a reliable moving company on your side — like Connecticut ‘s Finest Movers — your chance of settling into your new home in record time increases.