No matter how prepared we think we are, moving is always more stressful than we think it will be.  This is especially true if you also have children. Whether it is out of state or just across town, moving with kids can make the process exponentially more difficult. But there is good news. There are a few things you can do to make your next move easier on everybody, especially your kids.


Before the move, it is important to set your kids down and explain the move to them.  Frame the experience as an exciting adventure and show them that change can be a good thing. For many children, it is the unknown factors of a new move that cause them the most stress.  Be sure to encourage your kids to ask questions and be ready to explain what they can expect in the days leading up to the move and on moving day itself. This will help them begin to wrap their heads around the move, making them better prepared to handle all the coming changes.  

Bonus Tip-  Get the kids excited about their new home by allowing them to choose a paint color or a new piece of furniture for their room.


On the big day, it is important to introduce your kids to the movers and make sure they are aware of the hidden dangers that occur during a move.  If your children are young, we recommend setting aside a place or room for the kids to play. This will keep them entertained and out of the way. For older kids, give them a job. Whether it is packing boxes or cleaning the empty rooms, this will give them an active role in the move and keep them busy. We also recommend keeping all your children’s most prized possessions close by placing them inside a box or special tote bag that you keep.  It is really easy for things to get lost or misplaced in the shuffle of the move, and the last thing you want is your child having a meltdown in the middle of the move because they can not find their beloved blankie babame wooden doll house.


Once all your furniture and boxes arrive, we recommend unpacking your kids’ rooms first.  This will help them settle in right away, and then give them a place to chill while you unpack the rest of the house in peace.  We also recommend taking a break from the unpacking and taking the family for a walk around the new neighborhood. Introduce yourselves to neighbors and check out where the other kids in the neighborhood hang out. The quicker your kids can find their new hangouts and friends the better, as it will dissipate any lingering anxiety.

Need more tips for moving with kids? Stay tuned to Connecticut Finest Movers.