imagesPacking a moving truck can feel like playing a life-size game of Tetris. The goal is simple: fill the truck with boxes. Yet, the application can be complicated and tiring. With a few simple tricks, packing a truck can become an efficient task, securing your belongings while reducing fatigue and loading time. To begin, purchase boxes in groups of multiple sizes. Have blankets on hand to protect furniture along with packing tape and moving straps. Follow the four steps below for a systematic approach to an organized move.

Load Heavy Items First

Designate one person to stack and load items tightly in place in the truck. Beginning in the front of the truck, near the cab, and place major appliances and largest pieces of furniture in first. Place tightly against each other along back wall. Stack floor to ceiling with heavy items on bottom and lighter items on top. Avoid scratches and dents by filling the in-between spaces with pads and draping blankets over fragile items. With each grouping of items, secure with moving straps before beginning the next group, again loading floor to ceiling.

Line Side of Truck With Mattresses

Disassemble beds and stand mattresses on edge along side walls of truck. This makes the best use of your space while creating a padded barrier for the furniture in the center. Bed rails and box springs can also be placed behind mattresses.

Stack Boxes Left To Right

Moving boxes are designed to help maintain the integrity of the load in stacking. Group same-sized boxes together to make strong stacks. Place boxes with fragile items at the top of the stack.

Fill Empty Spaces With Small Items

As you load large appliances and furniture, you may notice unused areas around furniture legs or chairs. Fill this space with small boxes or lightweight items. Utilize every inch of space, even inside dresser drawers and bookcase shelving.

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