Moving is an exciting and life-changing situation, whether it’s across the state for college or across the country for a new position. Some moves are bigger than others, however, and taking such a huge step alone might be more trouble than it’s worth. While it’s unlikely that any move will be easy or stress-free, a moving company can help take off much of the weight that comes with a move. But when do you know you’ll need a company for the job?

Small Moves

It can be difficult to tell at what point you’re best off hiring a moving company. Smaller moves, such as an old sofa to your friend’s house or taking a couple of boxes to your storage unit, are likely manageable by car or borrowing your friend’s truck. Jobs like these can be handled by one or two people and thus don’t require much of the heavy lifting and sheer size of the truck that a moving company can provide.

Mid-Size Moves

The issue doesn’t really rise until you’re moving the entire contents of a room or two, possibly even a smaller apartment. Sure, you could hire a U-haul, but how much do you really know about securing furniture safely and effectively? Do you have friends who are strong enough to move a bed, desk, cabinet, dining table and what have you? This is where it gets tricky. Here are a few tips to help you decide whether or not you’ll require a moving company to relocate your possessions:

  • How much are you moving? If it’s more than a room or two, it will likely require multiple trips and creative, if not mildly unsafe, transportation of your possessions.
  • Do you have enough manpower? Do you have more than one friend that’s strong enough to move your furniture? When it comes to bigger moves, you shouldn’t try to go it alone.

Large Moves

“Large” moves involve packing up the house and moving to a different location entirely. If everything you own is coming with you, it’s probably best to entrust it to the professionals. Even if you’re making a local move, the sheer amount of a house or apartment’s entirety can easily overwhelm families and individuals. It’s in your best interests to leave these types to the ones who know what they’re doing.

Moving is a big step in any person’s life, and it’s stressful enough as it is without adding in the worry for the safety of your possessions. If you’re moving more than a couch, consider your options. Peace of mind during a move might just be worth the cash, and it’s definitely safer than a DIY transport.