antique-moversWhen preparing for a major move, many consumers fail to consider their appliances. There are a number of things that companies and homeowners can do to ensure that their major appliances are safe, secure and ready to be transported, even before professional moving services arrive. Properly preparing these items will preserve their functionality and give people access to a number of effective, storage areas for their personal goods.

Refrigerators And Freezers

Refrigerators and freezers should be unplugged and cleaned at least 24 hours from the day of an actual move. Units that have ice makers should be disconnected at the water line. It is also important to make sure that the connecting line and the ice maker are fully drained. Racks, shelves and other removable components should be taken out or secured in place. Produce bins should be thoroughly cleaned and dried in order to ensure that these are fresh-smelling. You can also tape these securely in place or remove them. The refrigerator cord should be folded and taped to the back of the unit with sturdy packing tape.

Once refrigerators and freezers have been defrosted, cleaned and prepared for the move, the interior spaces of these appliances can be filled with soft, non-breakable items. Clothing, plush toys and other, similar articles can be stored here in plastic bags. This will limit paper waste by reducing the amount of packing boxes that people must secure.

Preparing Washing And Dryers

There are often special steps that homeowners must take to protect their washers and dryers before moving them. For instance, it is usually necessary to secure the washer drum before transporting this appliance. Prior to these efforts, it is always best to consult the owner’s manual or to direct any questions that you might have to the actual product manufacturer. In most cases, you will need to remove all hoses and pack these up in a secure box that is filled with packing peanuts or some other cushioning material. Like the refrigerator, the cords for these units should be looped or folded and taped to the back of the machine with a piece of strong packing tape.

Getting Your Stove Ready For Your Moving Services

Preparing this appliance will likely take the most effort. Interior racks should be removed or secured to prevent movement. The oven should be thoroughly cleaned and dried as should the stove top. The gas should be turned off before the gas line is disconnected. Local utility companies can assist with these efforts. This same is also true if you have an older, gas dryer that you wish to disconnect. Temperature knobs can be taped down or removed in order to prevent loss.

General Tips For All Appliances

Whenever you have doubts about how an appliance should be disconnected or prepared for moving services, take some time to read through your owner’s manual or contact the product manufacturer. All appliance doors and lids should be securely taped closed and appliance cords should never be allowed to dangle loose at the back of these units. Taping appliance doors shut is especially important for appliances like the refrigerator or freezer that are being used to temporarily store soft, non-breakable items like stuffed animals and clothes.