images-1Ideally,when you move everything you own would be neatly packed in boxes, transported and unpacked for you. While this happens with the majority of personal items, there are lists of items considered hazardous that cannot be packed or moved. Hazardous items include unsuspecting items such as aerosol cans, paint thinner, hair spray, batteries and even fire extinguishers to name a few. If you cannot dispose of an item in the regular trash can, movers won’t be able to move it. Learn which items cannot be packed before moving, and how to dispose of them properly.



It goes without saying a professional moving company won’t move explosive materials. However, what is considered explosive may be alarming. In fact, anything that can be considered a propellant with ignitable gases, including butane and propane. This even includes aerosol cans as pressurizers and can lead to serious safety hazards. According to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, an aerosol partially full should be disposed of as a household hazardous waste. If the aerosol can has been punctured and drained of its contents, or is empty, it meets the definition of scrap metal and could then be recycled.

Flammable Items

Flammable items are solid or liquid wastes that pose a fire threat with a potential to ignite by friction or heat. This includes kerosene, matches, charcoal, lighter fluid and paint remover. These hazardous household wastes can be disposed of properly by taking them to a local waste collection facility, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Contact your city to find the closest disposal company in your jurisdiction. Power equipment with fuel is considered flammable, but once emptied properly, is safe to move. Motorcycles, lawn mowers and any other item with a gas tank must be drained of fuel at least 24 hours before loading.


Muriatic acid, nitric acid and battery acid are corrosives. The only batteries movers will handle are non spillable gel-type. When disposing of corrosive materials, try to use it up first, or give to someone. Take to a household hazardous waste collection program in your city for proper disposal.

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