You think you’ve done everything necessary to prepare for your move (like choosing a reputable company like Connecticut’s Finest Movers), but did you forget all the companies and people you need to notify? Read on for the steps needed to change your address when you move.

Post Office

Updating your address through the U.S. Post Office is the first step. Plan on filling out the change of address form at least two weeks before your move. You can go to your local post office and request a Movers Guide or change your address online. Remember that even a permanent address change only forwards your mail for one year, so make sure you contact the companies that send you mail, such as credit card companies, utilities (you should have already changed addresses to receive service at your new location) and anyone else who sends you a bill through the mail within a year of your move.

Subscriptions and Other Mail not Forwarded

USPS forwards catalogs only if specified, and magazines for a mere 60 days. To ensure you don’t miss your Sports Illustrated or Victoria’s Secret catalog, contact these companies directly to update your address. Same goes for your Jam of the Month or Birch Box subscriptions.

Government Agencies

Check with your local DMV on their guidelines, but keep in mind that most require you to change your license to your new address within 60 days of your move. Don’t forget your vehicle registration.


  • Voter Registration – If your DMV doesn’t include this as part of the driver’s license process, contact your state election office to update your voter registration record.
  • IRS – Whether you changed jobs or not, ensure your W-2 arrives safely (the post office won’t forward them). Either contact your company Human Resources department or IRS directly with the address change.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs – If you are a veteran who receives benefits, contact the VA to update your records.
  • Social Security Administration – Change your address online through your my Social Security account.

Easily forgotten companies

  • Banks – They’ll need to have your new address, especially if you routinely punch in your zip code when making purchases.
  • Online ordering service like Amazon – Make sure your one-click address is the new one. Unless you want whoever is living in your old house to have a package paid for by you.
  • Insurance – Don’t forget car insurance, along with health and renters.

You’ll also want to let your family and friends know of your address change once your move is complete. Use Moving Announcement cards via email or with cute cards like these, these or these.