Moving is a huge change for anyone in your family but sometimes people forget who it is hardest on, pets. Change of environment and the hectic schedule of packing and moving can dramatically impact the stress levels of your favorite furry friends. Whether you have cats, dogs, birds, rodents, or reptiles – following a few simple steps will allow you, and your pet, to handle moving with less stress and anxiety.


When looking for a new home, there are a few things to pay attention to as they pertain to your pets. Look for fencing in the neighborhood or a lack of boundary fences. Note any proximity to busy roads or highways and be sure to check if the potential neighborhood has any breed restrictions before purchasing any home. Always have a plan for transporting your pets before the movers arrive as a way to minimize the stress they feel as the day approaches. Connecticut’s Finest Movers wants to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your pets.


Dependent on the length of the move you might need to plan for several stops in order for your pets to use the restroom, stretch their legs if they have them, and get a drink of water. Having proper transportation methods like pet seatbelts and crates or carriers ready to go in your vehicle will help ease the process of getting your pet to your new home.


With a new home it might seem normal to let your pets explore on their own to investigate their new surroundings. However this is not always a great idea as there may be unknown hazards that you’ve yet to find in the new home. Who knows what stuff might have been left behind by the past owners?

While settling in to your new home, it is important to keep some things the same, for example, Place your dog crate or beds in similar type rooms or areas as you had before. Same with a litter box or any food dishes. Follow similar routines when taking animals for walks or feeding times. As with any big change there will be hiccups like added anxiety or accidents, but these will smooth out in time.