How to Hire a Professional Moving Company Without Losing a Penny

shutterstock_366444518There is no doubt that moving can be, and usually is, a costly and difficult process. While any claim of a cost-free, hassle-free move is dubious, there are definitely methods for reducing cost and overall frustration. Furthermore, despite what your instincts tell you, you can actually pull off an affordable move, while still hiring professional movers. There are a few reasons why this is the case.

First of all, everything costs money. Whether it be packing materials, a rented truck or even empty boxes, it is difficult to get anything for free. When you hire a moving company you typically have to pay a small fee for each of the items or services you select for your move. That being said, you are not going to end up paying any more for boxes, dollies or other materials from the movers than you would anywhere else. So, if you are going to have to spend the money anyway, you might as well pay the people are willing to do the work for you, too. Essentially, you are killing two birds with one stone, when you hire movers as opposed to trying to handle the move on your own. Furthermore, though truck rental is usually a little bit less expensive than hiring a moving company, it is not always radically cheaper. With all the fees and other services that go along with it, you will still pay quite a bit, and you will receive no help loading or unloading.

Another factor that helps to make hiring movers the more logical, and possibly even cost-effective option, is the age old concept that time is money. The less help you have with your move, the more of your own time will be needed. The more of your time you have to take away from your work schedule, the less money you will have for your move. Similarly, the more of your move can be handled by others, the more time you will have to work and save money for your big move.

In short, by breaking down the various different aspects of moving, it is easy to see how a scheduled move, with professional movers can actually be the more cost-effective choice, particularly if you are busy with other obligations. There may not be such a thing as an easy move, but with professional movers you can at least reduce the burden on yourself.

Potential Problems With Moving In The Winter

shutterstock_312891716There is no such thing as an easy move. Whether you are merely moving down the street or are relocating to another city, thousands of miles away, moving is a stressful and exhausting process. When you compound all of the basic difficulties that go along with the moving process with some other unpredictable factor, such as inclement weather, it is easy to get discouraged. Nevertheless, if you are smart about packing and you hire skilled movers, moving in the winter is quite doable.

Packing well is always crucial when moving, but it is downright essential when attempting a move in the winter. Even if you have tried to schedule your move on a day when the weather is tolerable, it is nearly impossible to predict winter weather very far in advance. Even if it is not snowing or sleeting, there still may be a great deal of ice on the ground, making it difficult to walk, particularly if you are carrying heavy boxes and furniture. The reasons packing well is so important are twofold. First of all, you need to be sure that no water will seep into your boxes if they are briefly set upon the ground. Furthermore, if it does begin to snow, rain or sleet, you will not have to worry about your water-sensitive possessions being ruined. Because of this increased risk of water damage during the winter months, it is important to make sure your boxes are extremely well-sealed with plastic packaging tape. The more durable tape you get, the better. Secondly, packing things well ensures that even if the boxes do get rattled or dropped during the move, the possessions inside will still remain unscathed. No movers, no matter how skilled can predict everything, and things can get jostled during moving. Planning for this, and compensating for it, with sturdy packaging, is the best way to prevent damage.

As for wooden furniture and other large items, it is difficult to package them up in boxes. Nevertheless, they still may be sensitive to water and can be damaged or destroyed if dropped. Many movers will be able to wrap your furniture and other large items in several overlapping layers of cellophane. This will serve two purposes. It will prevent water from spilling onto your furniture and electronics and it will provide some cushioning, so they do not get scuffed or broken during this tumultuous and unpredictable process.