What You Need to Know About Planning A Move

images-2Moving is stressful no matter how well planned.  However, one of the best ways to minimize stress during a move is to hire professional movers.  But before you hire a mover take a moment to consider these factors.


  1. The Cost

How much are you willing to spend in order to move? You will have to select a moving company based on your budget. There are those that charge high fees due to their market dominance so you might want to avoid such companies if your budget is tight. Some other factors that the company may consider to determine what to charge can be how fast you want to move the items and the distance the items are to be moved. You can consider leaving only the bulky items for a moving company to transport and travel with what you will need most to save on costs.


In addition, a moving company may also charge differently depending on the time of the week and season. As result, you may want to consider moving on weekdays and during other seasons other than winter. Another way of reducing costs is to seek someone else who is moving to the same place as you, then you can select one moving company and share the costs charged.


  1. Time

In certain situations, you may require a moving company that will facilitate a prompt and quick moving process. You should therefore look for one with the manpower, equipment and technology to enable a quick move. For such a moving service, you may have to look for a well-established company that has been in operation for quite a significant amount and are known to have the necessary capabilities you require. The major issue will be costs.

Another way to save on costs is to pack your items yourself. You can acquire a few boxes, label them and stack your items in a way that that you will conveniently access them. You can also arrange your items once they have been delivered to the new location. Most moving companies tend to charge for packing and unpacking. As a result, you may want to do consider doing away with such costs, if you are on a tight budget.


Specialized services

When moving, you may require some specialized services such as home electronics disassembly and assembly, cleaning services and destination debris pickup. Most people want to avoid the hustle of having to clean, unpack and assemble their electronics. Therefore, they seek a moving company that will do all the extras for them. Note that some of these extra services will require some technical expertise such as disassembly and assembly of electronics. So make sure you go for that company with such skills.

The choice of your moving company will determine how smooth of transition your moving process will be, so try to go for a reputable company that can deliver what you want.


A guide to Moving on a limited budget

images-3Sometimes it happens that you want to relocate but your budget is not enough to meet the expenses projected for the move. At times, you have the money but you find the idea and opportunity to move on the cheap enthralling. While moving on a bigger budget could enable you to hire professional movers and save you time, relocating on a restricted budget will cost you time, effort and preparation. At times, people consider putting off relocation all together because of financial constraints, but when you look around, you find that there is really no need for that. Here is how you can move comfortably on a tight budget.

Ensure you have a nest egg

Make sure you have a reserve that you can use for the move. Even if you’re operating on a low budget, having some money set aside can save the day. This is so because the cost of nearly all moves tends to go up than initially planned. Consider setting aside between 10 and 20 per cent more than the projected budget asks for . If there is no way to achieve this, lower the moving, budget further to make some savings. In addition, consider looking for ways of making more money if relocating on a very tight budget (put up online ads for things you want to dispose of at a cost). This especially good because as you get the much needed cash straightaway, you also do away with some items you are reluctant to take with you.

Consider possible overheads

When transporting your valuables on a modest budget, it is of utmost importance that you keep in mind that you may incur extra costs. If you are signing up with a moving company, talk to them about all the fine details of your move, since some moving contract endows them with the power to increase the fees for their services without prior notice.

Start moving at the earliest time possible

Planning and starting the moving process early buys you some time to develop a cost-effective relocation strategy that suits not only your limited budget, but also the time that you have. Begin disassembling what needs to be disassembled and packing early. If you work every weekday like most people, consider doing a little bit each day.

Separate valuable items from trash

When considering what to pack, you realize that there are things that you may not need any more. Decide whether to discard them or sell them. If there are things that are good and can be used, but you do not have to take them with you and you are running on a tight budget, why not sell them and lighten up your burden in the process?

Use a free hand

Get in touch with a bunch of people you can count on. If you have friends you helped move in the past, have them return the favour. Talk to family and colleagues and confirm their willingness and availability. After all, who said that labor has to be paid for all times? However, keep in mind that everyone has an itinerary, so if you are going to need people to help you, they need to know in good time.