Everyone’s worst fear when moving is that something will get left behind or broken in the move. With Connecticut’s Finest Movers you don’t have to worry about the latter, but by taking a few easy steps you can help ease the fear of leaving something behind. By providing a detailed inventory or catalogue of items to the movers when they arrive, you can help ensure that all of your personal items arrive are packed up and arrive safe and sound.


One of the easiest approaches to this process is doing a room by room inventory and cataloging all items into a spreadsheet. Now it may not be crucial to record how many forks and knives you have, but it would make sense to create small spreadsheets for each room that can easily be referenced by the mover when packing up the truck and by you when you go to unpack in your brand new home.


By doing some simple prep-work around the home before the movers actually arrive can help save you some trouble when it comes to worrying about your things. By ensuring all furniture is empty you will save countless hours when movers arrive. Create an inventory of items that correspond to certain pieces of furniture like end tables or dressers. You will easily be able to unpack the items and not have the dreaded, “Where did this come from?” problem when you go to reorganize in your new space.

We’ve all seen the marker on the box method of organization, but in the grand scheme of things, taking an extra step or two can help reduce the stress of the move and cut hours off the overall moving time. You can organize things by the room they came from in your old place or you can be proactive and label boxes by the room they will be going in once they arrive safe and sound at your new home.


When you pack up your entire life and move, no matter the distance, you will quickly learn how many things you have that are crucial and things that are less essential. By prioritizing the items from your home you will spend less time in your new house looking through boxes for something important that just got thrown in with everything else. The most important things to prioritize are those that belong in the kitchen, bathroom, and everyday life items. The last thing you want to be searching for once you move in is a frying pan or a cutting board when the entire family is hungry.