Whether you are living the luxe life and moving into a mansion or the more budget conscious fourth-floor apartment, moving is stressful and expensive.  But there is good news, there are a few handy tips you can follow to save you some cash. At Conn. Finest Movers we want to help ease the financial burden that is moving by offering some tried and true suggestions for minimizing your moving costs. So, take a few minutes to review these suggestions and give them a try on your next move.

#1.  Map Your Floorplan.

Before you move be sure to get a copy of your new home’s floorplan. This will give you a chance to review the new space and assess how much room you will have for all your stuff.  It is amazing how much stuff we can accumulate even in just a year. So once you have a clear understanding of how much room you have in the new space, you can begin to sort through your stuff, keeping only the most important items.

#2. Color-Coordinate Your Move.

When it comes to sorting through all your items, we recommend separating everything into 3 piles.  One to keep, one to donate and one to trash. We also recommend using a color-coded system to keep all your items organized. For example, anything with a red dot on goes to goodwill or everything with a purple dot goes into the kitchen. It makes for an easy way to keep your move organized, no matter how many people are coming and going.

#3. Only Keep What You Actually Use

As a good rule of thumb to follow when moving is, if you have not worn or used an item in over a year it is time to toss or donate it. There is no reason to move an item, or several items, that will just go from storage to storage. It is a waste of time and space.

#4. Condense Your Library

Books are beloved items in the home, but they are also extremely heavy and cumbersome to move from location to location. Which is why it is important to go through each book and only keep those that “spark joy”.

#5. Plan For Plants

If you are planning to move your plants, it is important to do so carefully.  We recommend moving all your plants personally, as moving plants can be quite traumatic for the plant.

#6. Move Clothes On The Hanger

In order to make moving your wardrobe easier, we recommend using this hack. Take a few trash bags ( as many as you need) and poke a hole at the bottom of the bag.  Then place the clothing on hangers and place the hook of the hanger through the hole in the trash bag. Then secure the bag by pulling the strings of the bag. This makes moving clothes easy and organized.

#7. Curate Your Media

Over time we have all collected a ton of CDs and DVDs.  But with everyone streaming their media these days, you may not feel the need to hold on to all your hard copies.  Take some time to carefully curate your collections and only keep the items that bring you joy!

#8. Clean Out The Toy Box

Like many of the tips above, this tip is another attempt to make sure you are not moving stuff that has no purpose in your life.  Have your kids sit with you and be a part of the process. It will help the whole family feel like they are a part of the move and that it is not just happening to them.

#9. Do Not Waste Food

Before you move, do your best to consume all the products in your cabinets and refrigerator that will not be easy to move. Avoid doing any major grocery shopping right before your move.

Stay tuned to Conn. Finest Movers for more helpful moving tips.