shutterstock_429689848Forget about homemade cookies or casserole, get your new neighbors or friends a housewarming gift that they will actually use. These 7 unique, yet practical housewarming gifts will help new homeowners settle into their dream home.

#1 The Homeowner’s Manual

Owning a home comes with all sorts of unexpected complications.  If your friend is a first time home buyer a great gift is The Homeowner’s Manual. This book is full of helpful advice on everything related to the home. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to fix a leaky faucet and other basic maintenance tasks. It also answers some very important questions that many homeowners have, such as:

  • Why are there water stains on the ceiling?
  • When Should I have my chimney cleaned?
  • How can I safely reset a breaker?

#2 Gift Cards

Most new homeowners are strapped for cash. Gift cards to Lowe’s, Walmart and Target are all good choices. Whether your friend needs tools or other household items,  a gift card provides them with a little extra money to get the things they need.  Another option is to give a restaurant gift card. Moving is hard work. Going out to eat can be a relief after moving into a new home.

#3 Alcohol

A bottle wine from a local winery, a beer making a kit or a six-pack of craft beer are all great gift ideas. Another creative idea is to make a gift basket and fill it with wine, champagne or scotch along with some gourmet snacks.

#4 Home Safety Devices

Things like fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, flashlights and security cameras are typically not on any new homeowner’s shopping list. First-time homebuyers in particular often do not think about these things as they are usually supplied by landlords. Although shopping for home safety equipment may not be fun, there are essential items for any homeowner to have on hand.

#5 Technology

Technology plays an increasingly important role in most people’s lives. A programmable thermostat makes a great housewarming gift. It will also help with energy efficiency, as well. Another great technology gift is a keyless lock. These allow homeowners to lock and unlock their doors from anywhere.

#6 Landscaping Gifts

Basic garden tools, such as rakes, garden spades, shovels and gardening gloves are great gifts for first-time homeowners. Decorative items like garden signs, landscaping lighting, and birdhouses also make thoughtful housewarming gifts. Herb-gardening kits are popular with new homeowners too.

#7 Outdoor Entertaining Items

Help your friend or family member turn their outdoor space into an entertaining area with outdoor dinnerware, linens or BBQ accessories. Other great gifts for outdoor entertaining include picnic baskets, coolers or cool outdoor games, like a croquet set.

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