shutterstock_311677853Finding the best movers is important for a low-stress move. To get everything to your new home in good condition and without extra hassles, there are a few ways to find the best local movers for the job.

Get Local Referrals

The first place to start is to ask around and find out which movers friends and relatives have used. Did they have any problems with their movers? Would they use them again and recommend them to others? This can give you a pool of possible movers that have been recommended by people you trust.

Look for Online Reviews

The world of online reviews has exploded in recent years, and virtually every type of business is now reviewed by local customers. Sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor can give you a wealth of reviews that can help you find the right moving company for your needs. A helpful way to weed through the reviews is to disregard the very best and the very worst review of each mover and concentrate on the ones in the middle. That will give you a more realistic idea of what customers have experienced with each mover.

Compare the Services Offered

No two moves are the same, and no two moving companies offer the exact same services. Some local movers will bring you boxes to help you move, others ask that you buy them and bring them home and many will do the packing for you if you don’t want to pack. If you want unpacking services, make sure that you find out which local movers offer that service as well.

Compare Pricing and Estimates

Most movers have minimum billing hours, so it’s important to compare how each mover’s pricing structure adds up. If you don’t have much to move, don’t book a local mover who has a three-hour minimum, or you’ll end up paying for a lot of time that you don’t use.

Also, find out whether the company will give you an up-front estimate and whether there is a charge for assessing your move and giving you an estimate.

Find Out About Each Company

How long has each of the local movers been in business? Are they highly experienced? Are their movers experienced in moving large items? A local mover that has a lot of experience in the area will know that area better, may understand better where to park, how to navigate the streets with the moving trucks and how to get everything where it’s going safely.