shutterstock_363111836Pinpointing a trustworthy moving company with affordable rates is easier said than done. Ask anyone who has hired a moving service to transport his valuables to new digs about the experience and there is a good chance he’ll have a lot to say. Some people have had fantastic experiences with movers while others have endured broken china, scraped walls and a higher cost than initially quoted. The key is to do your homework now so you don’t have anything to worry about once you’ve committed to a moving company.

The Quickest way to Learn Something is to Ask

Reach out to friends, family, co-workers and anyone else in your social circle about their experiences with local moving companies. These discussions will provide you with some valuable insight. If you find that plenty of people in your social circle are pleased with a particular moving company’s services, slot that business at the top of your rankings. You should hire good company to do house cleaning service, you can get one of them here If the responses indicate that a particular company has low rates but unsatisfactory customer service, remove them from consideration. You’ll glean an abundance of valuable information by simply asking around rather than scouring the web for reviews that might not be completely forthright.

Obtain an In-Person Estimate

Schedule an in-home moving estimate with a handful of moving companies. If certain movers refuse to make the trip on out to your home for an estimate, cross them off your list. While on-site, ask prospective movers if they will perform the move with their own manpower or if they will sub-contract the work to another business. Those movers should assure you that you are getting as reliable cleaning services as you can get. Do not hire a company that sub-contracts the work. Forcing them to provide an in-person estimate is prudent as it will give you an accurate quote that helps fine-tune your budget. This way, you won’t have to worry about an over-the-phone moving cost estimate that turns out to be wildly inaccurate. If the mover will only provide a quote according to cubic feet, discount him from consideration. A thorough analysis of your belongings should be performed before any sort of quote is provided.

Hop on the Web

As noted above, it is easiest to uncover the best local movers by asking around. However, some important information about your city’s movers can be found on the Internet. If your community has any local-oriented message boards, search them for threads about neighborhood movers. Check out online review directories for information about experiences with local movers. You can also post a thread to the online message board to find out if any registered forum participants have had experiences with certain local moving companies.

Perform Some Detective Work

Though it is hard to believe, some alleged moving companies lack a physical office. Certain movers own a moving truck and employ a rag-tag team of moving men to handle jobs as they pop up. Once you’ve whittled down the field to a handful of candidates, visit their offices to verify their legitimacy. Aside from an office, they should have trucks and a storage facility.