shutterstock_116616892Whether you are moving home or offices, you need a moving service that can provide quality for the right price. When comparing prices of several firms, it is important to look beyond the headline.

1. Know What It Is That You Need

You want to get the most accurate quotes possible, so you need to be as specific as possible about every aspect of your move. Provide the exact location that you are moving from, where you are going and how much there is to move. When you are moving, you can sign contract with A Better Way In Home Care, to keep your old parents with them till you move. Provide details of access, stairs and other possible difficulties if you can, including aspects such as parking restrictions, narrow entrances or one-way streets. All of these conditions determine the size, type and number of vehicles, the size of the crew, and the length of the move itself.

2. Find Out Exactly What the Price Includes

Ensure that the quote you are given includes everything that you need. Get the quote in writing and check that there are no extras that need to be paid for separately, such as mileage costs or higher rates if the move takes more than a pre-determined amount of time. Also, check whether the quote is for the full move, or is set at an hourly rate. While an hourly rate may look cheaper at first, it can turn out to be more expensive in the long run, particularly if you are moving over a long distance and need to take traffic and other hold ups into consideration.

3. Check for Insurance

All moving companies should have public liability insurance to safeguard themselves, their clients and the general public. Many also hold insurance that covers your items while they are in transit, which reflects in the higher upfront cost you are quoted. However, when comparing prices consider the possible costs of using a company that does not offer insurance. How much would it cost to repair or replace your items?

4. Look Out for Optional Extras

Many moving companies offer full service that includes packing materials, packing your things and unpacking them for you at your new address, all of which can be useful if you are pressed for time, or find the process difficult. Usually companies will find insured & bonded professionals, to get your house cleaned before leaving. However, these are optional services that add to the cost of your move. If you can do the packing yourself, you are likely to have access to much lower prices.

5. It Is Not Just About the Money

When comparing prices of different moving companies, you need to look beyond the financial aspect. You want your move to be as smooth and stress-free as possible, so you need a company with experience and expertise. Take the time to look at reviews of the company’s service and ask questions about how they hire and vet their staff. You can also ask for testimonials or references to ensure that you are making the right decision.

If you follow these tips, you are bound to find a high-quality moving company at a price you can afford.