Are you moving your house? That’s great news because it’s like a new beginning for you. But hold on. How do you move everything you have collected over the years? This can intimidate anyone who has never done it before. You may have collected a number of household items- furniture, beds, tables, chairs, and household appliances- that simply cannot be moved by loading them onto a truck. You need to pack these items properly in order to prevent causing any damage to them during the move.

If you are wondering how to pack your belongings before a move, here are a few tips you should follow:

Use towels for fragile items

Most people make the mistake of using newspapers to wrap fragile items like showpieces and glassware. But in reality, they open the wrapping only to find that their expensive item is in pieces. This is the reason why you should consider wrapping such items in towels or rolled clothing. Not only would you be able to wrap a number of small items in them but also ensure they reach your destination undamaged.

Use press-and-seal wrap for silverware

Silverware needs extra care so that they don’t bend or get scratches. Press-and-seal wraps are actually good for covering silverware and other organizers because they offer great convenience. You don’t have to take every item out for packing or unpacking. These wraps are perfect for packing salt and pepper shakers and other items prone to leakage. The transparent ones are even better because they let you know which item is packed where.

Consider vacuum bags for lesser-used items

Space can be a major issue while moving. As such, you don’t want boxes and bags that consume whatever little space you have. Vacuum bags are useful packing materials you can use while packing your house for a move. For example, you can pack items in your guest room using vacuum bags because they can accommodate a number of items without occupying much space. These bags are perfect for packing lesser-used items, such as seasonal clothes, guest room pillows, and extra blankets.

Use sandwich bags for screws and cords

Screws, nails, cords, and bolts may often fall in your blind spot while moving. But these accessories, once lost, are difficult to find. You may have to find new ones in the market, which is another hassle. So, why not keep them in a safe place while moving? Sandwich bags, if you don’t know, are really good for packing small items that can get lost easily. You can label your cords and screws and stuff them into these bags so that you don’t have to rummage through everything to find them.

Keep your clothes on hangers

Last but not the least, you can save a lot of time unpacking your clothes if you keep them on hangers while moving. There’s actually no need to remove them because you can put them in a suitcase or wardrobe box, thus do away with the need to have many box pieces. This speeds up the unpacking process because you can simply take them out and hang them in your new closet.


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