shutterstock_456621901The average person moves approximately 12 times in their lifetime. Moving is a stressful experience, but does not have to be if you follow a few simple tips. Whether you are moving to a larger or small residence, a student into a campus dormitory, due to a change in occupation or downsizing, there are ways to reduce the stress moving. There are things you can do as soon as you know your moving. Alleviating chaos and guess work  are main objectives of reducing the stress. Being organized before during and after the move is key.

1. Declutter, downsize and reduce

Once you know you are moving assess everything you have stored. Everything needs to be gone through. Make four piles when going through your stored items.

  • Garbage is a pile of your things which are outdated, broken and beyond usefulness or repair.
  • Sell pile of items you are listing on a local sale website, garage sale or other means. Once you sell items the remaining items go to the giveaway pile.
  • Giveaway pile of leftovers from your sale. Call your favorite charity to see if they have a pickup or drop off service for the remaining items still useful but you no longer are interested in keeping. Make sure to keep an itemized list for tax purposes.
  • Keep pile is for keepsakes of sentimental value or items you plan to use in the new place. To keep this pile to a bare minimum. This is the end product of all the stored items you have tossed or rehomed.

2. Start early

As soon as you get your moving date start going through your things, acquiring your movers and supplies.

3. Get Organized

  • Purchase or acquire boxes, bins, markers, tape, shrink wrap, labels and bags ahead of time.
  • Pack by room and label boxes for easy placement at your new home.
  • Contact the rental manager for a walk-thru and keys before the move. Make sure you have plenty of food and water for your movers.
  • Consider a rental container, you pack ahead of time and move to the location on moving day.
  • Call movers, friends, and family who may be able to give you a hand on moving day.

4. Last but not least

Food, toiletries, work clothes, pajamas, light bulbs, bedding and your morning routine items. A coffee pot, cups, and silverware handy on a morning after a move may seem menial but when you are sleepy and frantically looking for them before work, you will appreciate being organized. Necessary supplies for children, pets and plants are packed last and placed first to unload as a priority.

The dozen or so times most people move in a lifetime calls for a less stressful way to manage. Stick to our tips for a less stressful move and you will be settled into your new home quickly and smoothly. Stay organized and plan early and the next moving day won’t be a stressful chaotic time.

Stay tuned to Connecticut’s Finest Movers for more helpful tips and tricks.