Are you planning a move in 2018? Are you dreading the hours of packing and moving? Well, you are not alone. Thankfully there are a ton of resources, like this blog, that is dedicated to providing you with excellent advice to make your next move as smooth as possible. One of the most nerve wrecking experiences that people face when moving is packing their electronics. Expensive and often fragile, your electronics need to be handled with care. Thankfully we have created a list of some helpful tips to make packing your electronics easy and trouble-free.

Tip #1-  Create Backups

Whether it is a computer crash or water damage, there is nothing more frustrating than when you can not access a file.  And carrying your electronic devices from one location to another leaves them vulnerable to damage. Which is why it is vital to backup all important files before you unplug and move any electronic device. Experts recommend backing up all files to two other devices for safe-keeping. These devices can be anything from a cloud-based server to a memory stick. Just be sure to choose a device that offers the proper amount of memory required to save all of your important files.

Tip #2 Bag & Label Everything Separately

Whether you are packing a printer, game station or television, it is important to pack each device and their corresponding parts separately. Doing so will make it easier to remain organized and ensure that every corresponding cable and plug match the device. It is also important to label every cable and plug so you can match it with the device it goes to. If one of your devices has a complicated setup, it is important to take photographs of all the wiring before you disassemble it.  Doing so will make the reassembly go a lot smoother.

Tip #3  Use the Original Packaging

If available, we recommend placing each device back into their original box. This will protect your device from damage.

Side Note: The original packaging is a great place to store any extra components as well as all instructions and manuals.  

Tip #4  Invest in Quality Packing Materials

If you do not have the original packaging for your electronics it is important to invest in some high-quality packing materials. Purchase some anti-static bubble wrap and carefully wrap your electronics and place them in a sturdy box that is secured with strong tape. For items that do not fit in a box, carefully wrap these with bubble wrap and place a blanket over them for extra protection.


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