You and your partner have decided to move in together. That’s great! Deciding to live with your significant other is an exciting time in every couple’s life.

However, once you both start to move your things into the house, the excitement may fade and frustration may start to set in. Trying to combine two homes into one can be stressful.

Here at Connecticut’s Finest Movers, our goal is to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible. That is why we have compiled a list of 3 different tips to help you and your partner make a smooth transition into your new home.

1.) Decide How to Combine your Style

If you and your partner are currently living in separate homes, there is a good chance that each of your homes are not decorated the same.

Before you and your partner move in together, it is a good idea to decide how, and if, you will combine your current decor. Will you be moving into a house that your partner is already living in and has decorated? If so, consider how your things could affect the current style of the home.

If the living room is already decorated with a floral print wallpaper, you beige-colored lamp might enhance the style of the room. However, your leopard-print rug probably won’t fit in with the decor. Together, you and your partner need to figure out what would look good in the home, and what will not.

Don’t feel discouraged if some of your belongings don’t fit in with the established decor. One option that you and your partner could try would be to each pick one room in the house to decorate your self. Your rug may not look good in the living room, but you could use it to decorate the bedroom. That way, you each get to have your own personal style in your shared home.

2.) Understand The Difference Between “Wanting” and “Needing” Something.

Combining two homes can create a lot of duplicate items. You may be partial to your own appliances, but a home doesn’t really need two taster, two blenders, and two microwaves. Keeping these extra items can cause unwanted clutter in your new home.

A good way to decide which kitchen appliance to keep is to figure out which one is newer. If you bought your microwave a few months ago, and your partner bought his five years ago, chances are that your microwave will be the one that lasts longer.

Selling or donating the extra items in your home could give you a little extra money or help someone who may really need it.

3.)Measure Large Items

You may have decided that you want to move your couch, or even your refrigerator, to your new home. For large items like these, it is a good idea to measure both the item and space in your new home.

Make sure to also measure the entryways. You wouldn’t want to have your refrigerator moved to your new house, only to find out that it is too tall or wide to fit through the door.

Additionally, your couch may fit through the door, but your new living room may be too small to accommodate it. This could make your new living seem too cramped and overcrowded.

When it comes to having enough space, another to consider is having plenty of room for your clothing. If you are moving into a small apartment with only one closet, it may be hard for you to fit all of your clothes in the same closet.

You and your partner should go through all of the clothing that you both have. If you see anything that is too small or something you have not worn in a while, you should either donate, trash, or sell it.

Deciding to move in together is an exciting and joyous step to take with your partner. At Connecticut’s Finest Movers, we take the stress and hassle out of moving into a new home. We are a full-service moving company that is always ready to help you with all of your moving needs.