Moving in together is a big step in your relationship, and it helps to be clear about a few things before you move forward. Our checklist is to help you iron out all those little details that crop up while you are moving in together and to make the process as smooth as possible. Our comprehensive list is packed with tips on making the transition from single living to cohabiting so don’t leave home without it.

Things to remember when moving in together

The why: One of the most important things to do before you move in together is to know for sure that you are both doing it for the same reasons. It might not be an easy subject to broach especially if your reasons go beyond just romantic but, it is always better to get it all in the open right at the start. Even if there are elements of convenience and financial stability involved, be honest with your partner about them.

The where: Is your partner moving in with you? Are you moving in with him or her? Or, have you decided to get a new place together? Once you are clear on the where, you can decide on the location, budget, size of the place, and whether you want to rent or buy

The what: If you were living in your own place before you very likely already own some furniture and other possessions that you have collected over time. Moving in together means making a checklist of what both you and your partner own and then making a call about what each of you brings to the new apartment. You both own couches but your partners might fit better in the new space so you might decide to sell or donate yours. Similarly, your partner might have a lot of old books that are no longer being used and could choose to get rid of them.

In some cases there are things that you both want to hold on to but simply don’t have space for; in this case, you could discuss renting a storage space for the extra stuff. Remember to be sensitive to your partner’s feeling when suggesting that they get rid of something, if there’s sentimental value attached make an exception. At the same time, both of need to make some compromise on what you bring to the new home or you might just run out of space.

The how: And finally you have to know how you are to make it work. Be clear about shared responsibilities both domestic and financial. If one partner earns more than the other, he or she could contribute a bit more financially while the other takes on more responsibilities in the home. Again, open and honest communication is the key to making moving in together work.

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