There are many people who think that a successful move is completely determined by the movers. However, this is just a misconception. It’s true that a moving company plays an important role in the move, but you also have a big role to play. The most important area is packing the boxes. Here are 10 tips to properly pack moving boxes.

Close and Tape Properly

It’s important to close and tape your boxes properly before the movers arrive. Professional moving companies do not recommend packing open boxes, open boxes can’t be stacked in trucks properly and there is a very high risk of damage. Thus, open boxes should be taped and sealed properly before the professionals arrive.

Put Loose Items Inside Moving Boxes

It’s better to put your loose items inside moving boxes. You shouldn’t leave any loose items in the hallways or on your furniture. Loose items lying on the floor can impact the speed of the move and cause problems.

Be Ready When Professionals Arrive

When professionals arrive, you should be ready with the boxes. Most moving companies require you to pay by the hour. In order to be ready, you should pack all the items in advance. Get rid of loose items on the floor and start loading them.

Completely Fill the Boxes

You need to make sure that all the boxes are filled to the top. This not only saves space, but also makes sure the boxes are stronger. Partially filled boxes can compress easily and cause damage to some items.  Just be sure to not over pack a box with heavy items.

Label the Boxes

This is one of the most important tips to properly pack the moving boxes. You should label all the boxes. It makes sure you know what items are stored into what boxes. This will make the packing and unpacking easier.

Don’t Pack Heavy and Fragile Items in Same Boxes

You should never pack heavy and fragile items in the same boxes. During the move, your fragile items may be damaged with the load of the heavy items. In case it’s necessary, heavy items should be stored at the bottom of the box, and fragile items should be kept on top.

Use High Quality Boxes

It’s important to use only high quality ETC moving boxes. It’s worth mentioning that damages may occur when you use low quality or cheap moving boxes. Thus, using professional boxes is important. These boxes don’t compress and protect your belongings.

Use the Correct Size

All the items should be packed in correct sized boxes. It’s also important to put some items aside when you can’t find appropriate size boxes. They can be packed later. In most cases, heavier items need to be stored in boxes that are rigid and thicker. Lighter items can be stored in boxes that don’t feel too heavy or thick.

Remove Items from Dressers

Last but not the least, it’s important to remove all your items from dresses and all other furniture with drawers. These items should be packed in the boxes for the move. This makes sure you don’t leave anything behind.